Beaver Lake Nature Center’s trails are hiking trails designed for nature study and observation.  Seven trails are covered with bark chips for a quiet hiking experience, and five have boardwalk sections.  One additional trail, the Lakeview, is an accessible trail consisting of hard-packed, fine gravel. 

All trails, including boardwalks, will be wet or slippery during certain times of the day or year, so appropriate footwear is essential If you are not prepared for the trail conditions, please turn around. Additionally, there may be avoidable obstacles such as rocks, roots, or occasionally a fallen limb.  Watch your step as you hike and go around or step over these obstacles. 

In the winter, when the snow is deep enough for skiing, four trails are designated for skiing only and 4 for hiking.  Two temporary trails are flagged through the woods for snowshoeing.

The quality of your experience is determined by your awareness and understanding of these risks and how conditions may change throughout your visit. 

Users assume liability for all risks associated with Nature Center and trail activities. 

Alcohol, amplified music, pets, biking, fishing, collecting, and fires (including bbq, gas, and electric grills) are NOT permitted on park grounds (this list is not all-inclusive).

Deer jumping

Please be mindful of others and of wildlife. Always yield to the nature observer.

***Please walk, never run, by another visitor.***

When visiting the Nature Center, the entrance is through the main gate on East Mud Lake Road, and parking is permitted only in Nature Center’s parking lots (not on surrounding roads).

Attention Professional Photographers: Please contact Beaver Lake (315) 638-2519 before scheduling a photo shoot at the Nature Center.